29 November 2008

...In a *Shopping* Basket

Meaning, how society is going all to ruin.

Honestly, after previous years, we weren't surprised to hear that someone was trampled at a store during Black Friday sales, but the severity and aftermath were shocking.

I mean, when you can't even get people to stop shopping for a death, WOW. And the people rushing into the store were trampling the other employees trying to help the man who'd been trampled. WOW.

Or how about when people are so feeling the holiday spirit that they erupt into a fistfight and then shoot each other in a Toys 'R' Us? WOW.

Hubby and I have been talking about the Wal-mart trampling incident since yesterday, and we sure hope the people involved are identified and prosecuted, because no matter how tearfully said, "but I had to get that TV!" probably won't make a very good defense in court... and it would only increase the human cost if everyone involved gets away with it simply due to being a mob.

Sending prayers to the victim's family and to the police working on identifying the guilty parties on the tape...

(Irony of the day: As I'm wrapping up this post, the Taco Bell "Not It" commercial is playing - the one where two friends are watching a third friend get chased around by a bull, both claiming "not it" to go help him...)


Jennifer Dunn said...

The Taco Bell commercial sums it up very nicely, doesn't it!

Oh, the dangers of too much spending! Besides the fact that our spending habits as a whole have contributed to the current economic woes--I'm sure the victims of Friday's incidents could never have foretold that they would not survive their Christmas shopping experience. Nor would many of the tramplers themselves have imagined that their shopping frenzy would lead them to involuntary manslaughter.

its just me said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about this. Only in America. I thought the economy was doing so bad. And there were enough people to trample and kill a man for a TV, computer or a toaster?

Something is really wrong here (meaning in America). I really think we're loosing our way.

Jennifer Dunn said...

I foolishly commented before reading the articles accompanying your post. I had assumed it was a customer who had died at Walmart. But it was an employee, and other employees who had tried to come to his assistance. That makes me even more sad, because the victims in this case weren't there trying to get a bargain, just trying to do a job.