23 June 2005

Taking a stand

Apparently the Anglican Church in the rest of the world (you know, the division with a spine) is fried enough at the US & Canadian Anglican Churches' ordination of homosexuals that they've voted them out.

Which is to say, good for them. BeCAUSE...it's about time peole realized it's okay to stick to your guns. We choose our associations. Organizations set guidelines. If someone wants to change the guidelines, they're free to set up their own. But they do not have the right to demand that the organization change its guidelines. If I disagree with an organization's agenda, I do not join; if I am already associated with them, I leave. Very simple concept.

And we can all have legitimate differences of opinion.

Too bad everyone doesn't always have the self-confidence to do what they believe to be right, on their own.

22 June 2005

Today's inspiring story

A 12-year old girl is rescued and defended from a gang of brutes on two legs by three lions.

I love it when noble beasts win over the ignoble ones.

18 June 2005


This is so inspiring -- I'm not the only one weirded out by those "grunts" from female tennis players! :-)

One referee thinks they just might be making noise deliberately...

15 June 2005

Neither law nor order

OK, so it's late and I may be a bit hyper-sensitive, but I have to say I was disappointed tonight in one of my favorite "catch-occasionally" shows, Law & Order. Well, the second one of the night. (Helps to have them on while laundry is going). And since I'm up, I need to say something about it.

Political agendum #1? US Special Forces were encouraging opium production by a shady character so they could ostensibly catch some more terrorists. And oh, the outrage! How could the US military support people who are doing illegal things? Opium, of all the evils! Oh, wait -- drug use is a victimless crime, right??? Which liberal agenda are we promoting here? I'm getting all confused.

Political agendum #2 presented as fact -- granted, it came from the "bad guy" that the "evil Special Forces guys" were encouraging -- was that Afghanistan's only potential for cash crops is opium, so that's why all the poor good people were happy that the Taliban was gone -- they could make money now that Big Bad Corporate-Conspiracy America was facilitating their sin crop.


As a "pending" military wife (won't pretend to that honor until DH is in BMT...*sniffle*), I'm "pretty T.O.'d" at Law & Order. Casting aspersions on our servicemen and blaming our country's facilitation of freedom for illegal activities in Afghanistan because they can't find anything else wrong with the country does NOT fly in this house.

So I guess we're back to only turning on the TV for reruns of House.

And Happy Belated Flag Day, BTW! :-)

14 June 2005

Back from hiatus

...and figuring that I might as well get counted, even if my voice largely echoes a lot of other conservatives. It's better than remaining silent (that silent majority thing really sucked before the recent conservative uprising in the alternative media).

So...Carl's Jr. has pulled their nasty commercial (no, I won't link to it); haven't seen that nasty blue floating baby commercial lately, either -- success!

Some good news is getting published from Iraq -- success!

Israel may be restoring the old date palm (pray it's a girl!) -- success!

I find myself differing with a varying half of conservative spielmeisters, meaning I am evaluating ideas on my own -- success!

ScrappleFace always has a good belly laugh, too.

Anyway, yeah, success is great, and it's good to be back.