20 July 2010

Consistency: Worth Its Weight in Airspace

Actually, it's worth even more than that. ;)

Recent news indicates that the FAA has declined Idaho's request for use of additional horizontal airspace for military training. 

The rejection of that request makes it highly likely that neither Mountain Home AFB nor Gowen field will win the F-35 training mission that the State has been practically counting on.

It is also highly likely that the denial of this request is at least *a little* related to Idaho's rather blunt rejection of another federal agenda: the Obama health insurance mandate.

While I'm far from surprised that the federal government appears to be dealing less-equitably with a State who's leading the charge in a campaign to directly challenge their unconstitutional federal mandate, I'm not shedding any tears over the likely loss of eligibility for the F-35 mission.

When I decided to support Idaho's challenge, the F-35 campaign was in full force.  It occurred to me then that there could (and probably would) be repercussions for the federal challenge; and that they could (and probably would) be exercised via the federal treats we were courting.

I anticipated a federal slap in return for smacking a federal hand, yet I fully supported - and still support - Idaho's challenge to Obamacare and everything that "health" "care" mandate entails.

Why complain?  If we honestly believe in the principles we're defending, we should be willing to accept the consequences, just or not.