22 April 2005

Honesty optional

Just a quick thought before bed -- the business world is a nasty one in general. People say one thing in a room and say another ten minutes later. Or they schmooze and BS their way through interviews and meetings. Honest knowledge, skill, and effot seem to be underplayed, if not undervalued. We need to change that. I'm open to ideas . . . :-)

Anyone for a new start-up company? :-)

17 April 2005

Cruisin' got a bruisin'

OK, Drudge had this intriguing story about a 70-foot wave that attacked a luxury liner -- to make it up to the passengers, the company said this:
All passengers would be given a partial refund, a credit for a future trip and access to the ship's open bar, Robison said. (emphasis mine)
<snark>...well, at least they won't have to remember the horror!</snark>

14 April 2005

Pardon the Pause

Starting a new job; last two weeks have been more than hectic, and I'm heading out of town next week on business (I can finally say that!!!), so posts will be sparse.

In the meantime,


And will the MSM please find something worthwhile to cover?

03 April 2005

First post on the Minutemen

Man, I love citizens like these!

Guts and brains and initiative, all of which seem to be in short supply in the world in general . . . and taking heat as "vigilantes" -- they're concerned citizens, not lynch mobs, for Heaven's sake!

I should make them a (big) batch of cookies.

(Hat tip: Drudge!)

02 April 2005

Truly "adieu" to the Pope

Although I don't subscribe to the Catholic faith, I'm feeling a measure of sorrow at the passing of the Pope. I recall being variously annoyed and impressed (mostly impressed) with his outspoken manner and consistent moral and ethical positions on timely issues, for which he took a lot of flak from the "tolerant" progressives, inside the church and out. He's a strong man; he did a really noble job all the way till the end, and I have my fingers crossed that the new Pope, when things are figured out, will carry on his integrity.