19 July 2005


How insane are the libs?
"The burden is on the nominee to prove to the Senate that he is worthy of the position -- not on the Senate to prove he is unworthy."
What the holy heck is Mr. Frizzy Dem Commentator thinking? The Senate is NOT supposed to stand in the President's nominees' way unless it knows of some reason they shouldn't be confirmed.

I'm just glad Pres. Bush nominated someone with a spine. And I sure hope the Senate doesn't give him too much guff (either of the "him"s). (Although it would certainly be demonstrative of certain Senators' characters...)

13 July 2005

Conversation Killers

You know, I've run across two posts in the last few days regarding pro-Iraq action people being conversationally ambushed by dishonest morons. One here, and one here.

Which brings me to my question: How is it that we as a society have become so self-centered that the only reason we ask a question is to vomit our own opinions all over their day? I say we, because I used to be guilty of this absolute rudeness on occasion, too, but I try really hard not to ask people what their opinions are unless I want to hear them. And engage in an actual, empathetic, intelligent, intellectually honest conversation.

Can't we all just get along???

10 July 2005

Kudos to the Brits

...for their astonishingly deft handling of this week's bombings. (I apologize for my laziness in not flying the Union Jack!)

I really like one common reaction in particular -- "hello you !@#*^&!$%# terrorists -- we've been living next door to the IRA for how long now? Get a life..."

It is so nice to see people refuse to be intimidated by evil. And yes, the terrorists are evil. They know what they're doing is wrong: the leaders are after power, and the lackeys serve out of fear. Service should be motivated by love instead.

So here's a good stiff Ginger Ale around -- thanks, gentlemen and -ladies!