31 October 2006

Another wonderful NON-DESTRUCTIVE stem cell accomplishment!!!

Put another notch in the belt of non-embryo-killing stem cell research! Now we can grow mini-livers - that'll be helpful in several avenues of medical application!

Adult and cord blood stem cells show a lot of promise - pretty nifty!!! They've already helped with skin grafts, eye problems, nerve problems, and bone regrowth, and they do all this without introducing the moral dilemma of whether we're destroying a human life. I can't help but wonder whether (karmic balance and all?) that's precisely why these stem cells work, rather than growing hairy, toothy tumors like embryonic cells tend to do...

30 October 2006

Manipulating flu fears

Remember how we were going to have plenty of flu vaccine available this year?

Not anymore - at least not for a while.

Tin foil hat on?

Somehow, when I order something shipped, whether it's through FedEx, UPS, or whatever, it arrives on-time (or a reasonable facsimile thereof). Seems odd that, all of a sudden, despite "lower" gas prices, we're having trouble getting things shipped...it's not as if flu season & vaccines have snuck up on us. I'm beginning to smell a deliberately-manufactured shortage...?

Okay, we can all set our tin foil hats back on their corner pedestals now...

25 October 2006

Back (again...)

Whew! So, one baby later, crucial issues are finally hitting enough of a high point to spur me back to a more active political life...

I have to admit that the biggest consideration for me at this point is security - if the nutjobs out there who are trying to kill all of us aren't eliminated, (and yes, it is us against them now...not a fight we sought, but one we're in now), health care, the environment, taxes, and education really aren't going to be all that important. In fact, they'll be literally immaterial. Just the thought for the day!