20 December 2007

Some Truth on Global Warming

It's not from "right-wing nutjobs" - it's from the US Senate.

Here's the opening paragraph:
Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries recently voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming. These scientists, many of whom are current and former participants in the UN IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), criticized the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore. (emphasis added)
The article also indicates that the skeptics seem to be increasing in number - this as panicky government regulations scramble to subjugate their economies and citizens to the fearmongers' theories, magnified by the "MS"M...

I'm not a denier - I'm a "fact-er." Be honest and then let's decide whether two degrees Fahrenheit is worth all the fuss...and if so, whether we can or should do anything to change it.

18 December 2007

17 December 2007

And the "news" is -

Next time we hear a charge of "hypocrisy" from the left, I'll give it - oh, about as much credence as I usually do. See this story:
The News' national poll of female voters found women - by a 40% to 35% margin - said Judith Giuliani's affair with Rudy made her less suitable to be First Lady.

However, they were more forgiving about Clinton's adultery, with 42% saying his affair doesn't make him less suitable to be First Laddie and 34% saying it does.
So... his wife's decision not to leave him while he was in the White House automatically imbues him with some innocence... interesting.

Thank you, King Abdullah!

...for pardoning the rape victim who was sentenced to 200 lashes for being in a car with an unrelated (blackmailing) male when they were both attacked!

14 December 2007


So the inquest into Princess Diana's death is to the point of reading her love letters... what a horrid Christmas for the royal family! How rude...thoughtless...stupid...mean...inappropriate...other non-obscene negative adjectives escape me.

(I posted the link only because I have to source my indignation)

06 December 2007

Great speech alert

Romney gave the speech of the year (or century, or millennium) today - please read the text, as it is important for us to remember, regardless of our chosen faith. He sure said it better than I ever have!

05 December 2007

What else are you going to do?

A team of passers-by rescued the driver from a burning car wreck - this is really a neat story. It shows how people can work together and do pull together in situations that require it. As one of the rescuers said, "What are you going to do? ...[If you don't take action get them out] what are you going to tell their families?" And to put it as John McClain did in the most recent Die Hard movie (finally! One I could watch!!!), "that's what makes you 'that guy.'"

03 December 2007

A Big Congratulations to the People of Venezuela

...on resisting an astounding power grab by Dictator President Chavez. While it remains to be seen how lasting this resistance is or how willingly Chavez will submit to the Venezuelan Constitution, the "no" vote is encouraging, however slim the margin. At least more people have their eyes open than closed to the dangers of the dictatorial socialist agenda Chavez has been pushing - here's a logical path showing how subtlely and connivingly evil just one of his ideas is:
  1. Chavez wants to shorten the workday from eight hours to six (although it didn't work well for the French);
  2. Workers spend less productive time;
  3. Workers earn less money themselves at the same time as Venezuela's productivity takes a hit and their economy loses steam;
  4. Workers are more dependent on the government since they're less able to take care of themselves and more fearful of their economic security;
  5. Government pushes for higher taxes for social programs to take care of them;
  6. Government commandeers more money out of workers' smaller paychecks for those social programs, making them even less able to take care of themselves.
  7. Lather, rinse, and repeat...
So what's the big deal? Aside from the (masked) Chavistas intimidating their opposition with threats at the polls? Socialism - whether it's Chavez's brand or a faux-homegrown US brand - is immoral because, put in coarsest terms, its goal is to enslave people to their government. As long as Venezuelans hold out and preserve what remains of their freedoms, we have reason to celebrate.

So celebrate we shall! *cheers*

Enough hoaxes already!

So the latest noose incident is yet another hoax. I am so tired of these. Every time something potentially race-related is found, here's all this hullabaloo for days about how racism is still this huge problem in the country, and while it is in some parts of the country, there have been very few actual incidents. The few real stories lose credibility when they're mixed in with a cacophony of hoaxes.

Of course racism (actually "ethn-ism" or "hue-ism" or something - we're all members of the human race, right?) is still a problem in some areas of the country. But automatically assuming the "usual suspects" are guilty of mysterious incidents - without any substance to back up that assumption - doesn't help. In addition, by not charging someone who deliberately creates and reports a hoax - one leading to denunciations of those the hoaxer hoped to smear - we send the message that we don't really care about the facts of the situation; we'll believe the assumed (but false) principle was true, anyway. It's ridiculous, and it's part of what's tearing the country apart.

Thank you, Sudan!!!

They're releasing that poor teacher - and protecting her while she gets out of that country and away from the savages who are calling for her execution for allowing children to name a teddy bear after Islam's prophet - oh, no, wait - a boy in the class who also shares his name with a huge number of males in Islamic culture. Way for international press to pressure "political" action!!!

02 December 2007

Experts say

No editorializing necessary here - just a quote:
Experts say that even at ages 16 and 17, when compared to adults, juveniles on average are more:
  • impulsive.
  • aggressive.
  • emotionally volatile.
  • likely to take risks.
  • reactive to stress.
  • vulnerable to peer pressure.
  • prone to focus on short-term payoffs and underplay longer-term consequences of what they do.
  • likely to overlook alternative courses of action.