03 December 2007

A Big Congratulations to the People of Venezuela

...on resisting an astounding power grab by Dictator President Chavez. While it remains to be seen how lasting this resistance is or how willingly Chavez will submit to the Venezuelan Constitution, the "no" vote is encouraging, however slim the margin. At least more people have their eyes open than closed to the dangers of the dictatorial socialist agenda Chavez has been pushing - here's a logical path showing how subtlely and connivingly evil just one of his ideas is:
  1. Chavez wants to shorten the workday from eight hours to six (although it didn't work well for the French);
  2. Workers spend less productive time;
  3. Workers earn less money themselves at the same time as Venezuela's productivity takes a hit and their economy loses steam;
  4. Workers are more dependent on the government since they're less able to take care of themselves and more fearful of their economic security;
  5. Government pushes for higher taxes for social programs to take care of them;
  6. Government commandeers more money out of workers' smaller paychecks for those social programs, making them even less able to take care of themselves.
  7. Lather, rinse, and repeat...
So what's the big deal? Aside from the (masked) Chavistas intimidating their opposition with threats at the polls? Socialism - whether it's Chavez's brand or a faux-homegrown US brand - is immoral because, put in coarsest terms, its goal is to enslave people to their government. As long as Venezuelans hold out and preserve what remains of their freedoms, we have reason to celebrate.

So celebrate we shall! *cheers*

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