04 November 2008

Yep. Just in Time.

... or not.

Sarah Palin has been cleared of wrongdoing in an IMPARTIAL ethics probe about "Troopergate."

"Troopergate," wherein she (essentially) fired her Public Safety guy for not firing a slimeball state trooper.

That state trooper also happened to be an ex-brother-in-law. Abusive, drunk on duty, tasing a 10-year-old, corrupt guy - ask Alaskans... he was a real piece of work.

Of course, this is released after early voting, and just before the election, so the news doesn't get time to disseminate as it otherwise would...

What was the last news on it? The partisan legislative (preliminary) investigation thought she did something wrong. (And being part of the establishment she was dismantling, they WOULD.)

So it was referred to the State board, which - yes - just found that she did NOTHING WRONG.


Of course.

Released "just in time" - not for people to know that she's been cleared before voting; but for the investigators to wash their hands of waiting until after the election.

It's so good to know that we conservatives can still be so OBVIOUSLY unjustly tarred by the media...

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