05 November 2008

What Happens When You Don't Get Real Information

This woman - a daughter of former slaves - was able to vote yesterday. Her friends were more than happy to help her, and I would've done the same.

But I think I would've done more to educate her first, because here's what she had to say about why Obama's a good choice:
"Republicans don't care for the poor people," she said. "They want it all and they don't want the Democrats to have nothing."

Where do you even start with that? This poor woman has been isolated and bombarded with defeatist, socialist propaganda for so long that she honestly believes what she's heard.

So do the majority of the people in this country, apparently. (Thanks, public schools...)

Now, I am sick of the constant Republican capitulation to socialism, and I don't consider myself a friend of the party. But I don't think that bad people in positions of power in either party want to do anything but enslave us. The socialist programs we already have, have done little but steal both property and accountability, making it harder for honest people to succeed, destroying families, and undercutting the foundation of our country.

Corrupt, power-hungry people are the ones who don't want us to have anything; and the more we rely on the government, empowering those who seek authority, the less we'll all have, indeed.


Carissa said...

That is so sad. Our country is not immune to propaganda and as much as we'd like to think everyone will pay no attention to it and rely on the facts, it doesn't always happen.

This is why I think it was a dangerous thing that the government began distributing wealth to ANY degree (via progressive income tax). There will always be people who want to get "their fair share" because now it's the governments job to "help" financially. It's NOT a proper role of government and I wish we never would have gone there.

its just me said...

Great points Kannie! I really don't think there's much anyone can find in a book or else where to educate a 106 year old. Longevity is expierence alone.

I would not call it social propaganda for her because she comes from a day and time that we would not understand. America has come a very long way from the America she grew up in and raised her children, grandchildren and so on.

But I think you hit right on target about the corruption of some people that have lead to others being and feeling isolated from the American dream.

Many Americans do not look at some of the government programs that have removed a man's/woman's self worth to themselves, family or community. Propaganda is strong but I think the country voted for something different and a new direction on Novemember 4th.

I love your quote and the topics of your blog. I'll be back again and often.

Thanks for the good conversation.

kannie said...

It's Just Me - Thanks for visiting! I'm glad you enjoy the blog; the feeling is definitely mutual! :-) Looking forward to more conversations! :-)

Good point about the "educating" - that was a fairly presumptuous term, now that I think about it, LOL... and you're right about the "new direction" that people voted for - they have been so desperate for change that they are willing to try virtually *anything* else, which is sad... but it also gives me hope that they're in an open-enough state of mind to understand their real power - as society used to - later on.