21 November 2008

Too Real?

Oh, here's one big reason Gov. Palin was so noxious to the traditional media:

She knows how real life works, and she's okay with it.

Not the whited sepulchre of modern politics, (perhaps... although she might know more than the condescending jerks give her credit for); but REAL LIFE. The vital side.

She wasn't bothered by the turkey slaughtering behind her in her recent press conference because it's REAL LIFE.

Eew, the MSNBC commentator sneers.

Yes, Mr. Commentator, much of real life is "eew-y."

What's more, this incident is highly illustrative of the what "the media" doesn't understand about what a lot of people call "Real America:" We in the latter might not want to be in on the slaughtering, but we DO (largely) understand and appreciate where our turkey comes from, and we don't sneer at those who deal with the vital parts of life. They're real, and we're real. The talking heads' powder, teeth, and hair, on the other hand...


Jennifer Dunn said...

This has to be one of the stupidest "controversies" I've ever seen!

And I can't believe Fox news gave it headline status. And just below it, was an article about Rosie O'Donnell taking Wednesday nights by storm--and the show hasn't even premiered!

Did Fox just become MSNBC?

kannie said...

Yes, Fox... well, it has its own issues, LOL. That's why I'm always a little confused when people say it's "right-wing" and "conservative." I just think it's fair with a sizable helping of sensationalism.

But that this *is* an article at all to them shows that much more about who they are (and who Sarah Palin is) - that's what's notable to me. And I like Sarah Palin more all the time.

its just me said...

I'll have to agree with you again Kannie. I'm not a Sarah Palin fan and I don't have anything against her either but what's all the fuss about. Are they going to fuss on Turkey Day when they're eating the turkey and the ham. Enough is enough. I really think it would be a totally different story if it were a male giving that interview.

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