04 November 2008

Good-night, Comrades.

I just can't filter out what to say.

This whole idea of "unity in support of our Constitution/government despite our differences" (two different things, I'd say...) is a bunch of nonsense.

I support the Constitution.

That IS my difference with our President-elect.

He will not have my support for unConstitutional policies. (Which, as I've heard them, is most of what he wants to do...)

Congress will not have my support for unConstitutional legislation.

Our government will have my support for Constitutional duties.

And I will remain civil.

Good-night, comrades.


Carissa said...

Agreed. What is that quote about allegiance running to the constitution and not to elected officials? That's how I feel.

Sarah said...

Your comment on my site about this was spot on. I agree: I pledge loyalty to my Constitution, not to my president.

This is tangential, but one thing that annoyed me most about Bush-haters is how they wouldn't cut him slack for anything. More money for AIDS than any previous president, prescription drug plan, protecting the marshlands in southern Iraq...liberals who value these ideals *still* hated Bush when he did them and gave him no credit whatsoever. I refuse to behave that way under President Obama. If he does something I support -- and God help me, I hope he does at least ONE thing I support -- I will give him kudos.

kannie said...

I'm hoping right there with ya! In fact, I think a lot of conservatives are. And that is, as you pointed out, one huuuuuuge difference between conservatives and the rabid Bush-haters... :-) Here's an article (shocking!) that even talks about how horribly the country has treated Bush; it's a little on the forgiving side, but it's nice to hear someone in the media point out anything like it!

its just me said...

I think the constitution is very important and one of the greatest documents ever written by man.

The way the human mind or at least the American mind operates is that you could go into a burning building and save 20 people and people will remember you for the bad before they will the good.

Bush will be remembered for his war in Iraq and the 400,000+ lives that have been lost as a result of it.