01 December 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Take 'Em to Court!

Looks like having real evidence out there about alleged "man-made global climate change" (e.g.: CO2 emissions rise after temperatures, not before - does following the temperature rise sound like causation to you?) is starting to have an effect: more people worldwide are skeptical of the high priests of the global warming religion.

And even if they believe they're personally causing it, they're unwilling to do much, if anything, about it. Ha... what a triumph of laziness, even over gullibility! (Although let me be clear: I believe we should be responsible about the use of our resources; we're supposed to be good, industrious stewards of the earth.)

So... rather than present actual evidence for our role in climate change, (since there's such a paucity of it, regardless of what Al Gore might have gotten back slaps and toasts for...), what do they do? Threaten us through the court system.

[h/t: Drudge]

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Jennifer Dunn said...

Very interesting articles.

This is an issue I need to understand better. Personally, I dislike pollution (Boise's inversion really is unpleasant), and wish that more was being done collectively to reduce it. However, the impact of mankind on global warming is a spurious correlation at best, and it frustrates me to see Governments attempting to impose laws on a subject on which they have so little understanding.