05 December 2008

One More Check

... in a checkered past, if you can even call it "checkered." It's more just "bad."

Planned Parenthood is in hot water again! It's a disheartening story - coaching a "pregnant minor" to lie about reporting her dilemma so that she can get around the laws in place - but it's very consistent with their past behavior.

The chapter president says, "[t]he apparent actions of the employee would be in violation of our strict policies and procedures..."


Maybe that's why it's happened so often.

Somehow, I doubt that an organization founded by a racist and a eugenicist has - in practice - such strict procedures that they would wouldn't take donations earmarked for minority abortions. Or falsify medical records. Or overcharge the state for their "services."

So what can we do? Protect innocent life. Promote a culture that values life. Fight abortion and eugenics. Life is truly a gift, and the more we exemplify that, the more we'll be able to help others see it that way.

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its just me said...

I don't want to open up a can of worms about abortion but I believe it is a moral decision and I also think it is a women's right to choose and be able to go to a safe place and have the procedure instead of going to a place that does not have to meet federal safety guidelines (A.K.A. a butcher shop). I really think that is what Roe v. Wade is about, but that's another story and I really hope I did not offend anyone.

"Promote a culture that values life." You said a mouth full there. That is really one of the main problems with our culture. Life is not valued. And if we turn back to some of our older traditions and values instead of letting Hollywood set the standard, a lot of these over zealous organizations would not exist. We need to be held responsible for our own actions.