11 December 2008

RUN Like the WIND!!!

Obama has announced parts of his New New Deal.

Hmm. I wonder how many part-time jobs he's planning on taking up to fund it, because we sure don't have extra dollars sitting around, and I don't think government programs run very well without taking more money from those of us paying taxes.

And I'd object to creating further dependence on the Magical Entity Known As "Government," anyway. Maybe I should turn that into an acronym: MEKAG. And let's call it, "ME," for short.

"We, the People" and all that, you know.

How about "We" quit increasing spending from "ME" for bureaucratic, populist, socialist programs designed primarily to enslave us?

Because government spending only increases every time we look at it.


Jennifer Dunn said...

The Senate killed the Auto Bailout--do we have cause to celebrate? How long will it take them to come up with a "new and improved" bailout package?

Chris said...

As Dr. Paul reasoned recently, what's $14 billion when the annual national budget is $3 trillion, and the US has literally taken on trillions of financial obligations in the name of bailouts?

kannie said...

Jennifer - yep, I'm willing to celebrate for a few hours while we can, LOL... it really is astounding how eager the major governmental and corporate entities are to control and be controlled, respectively. For the automakers, that's probably at least in part due to the fact that they already are controlled by the government - just not supported by them. But dang, I'm disappointed in their utter lack of principle... at least I have a tiny, temporary consolation that the union bosses aren't happy about renegotiating their contracts, either, LOL.

Also, I'm kind of excited about how many people are starting to think, "what the...?!?!" It seems like more people are beginning to look at these "crises" with a more skeptical eye, which will be good...

Chris - I think I detect sarcasm in your comment, so I'll say, "hey, yeah - what's all the fuss about?" ;-) (I'm not up on his latest messages, but I figure the Dr. Paul you're referring to is Ron Paul; and if you're listening to Ron Paul, you're probably not *actually* for additional spending and dependence, no matter how "small." ;-) Please correct me if my reading is mistaken... thanks for visiting!

Carissa said...

Here is Ron Paul 3 days ago on the subject. Smart man.