30 December 2008

Something "Republican" That I Can Support

Looks like the party is finally willing to call something as it is:

Bush and other leaders have embraced socialism.


Better late than never, I suppose, but the damage has already been done.

The interesting part here, for me at least, will be to see whether this really opens up the debate on socialism in the US.

Together with our great-great-great-great-grandchildren, we are already set to pay a dear price for our ignorance and publicly-indoctrinated class warfare; but if we can educate ourselves now, we'll be that much better able to pick ourselves up and put ourselves back together.

And that'd be great news.


Carissa said...

good point... I wonder if it WILL start a more honest and open debate. Every socialist policy our government has put forward has been done under the guise of a different name. Let's start calling things what they are. Socialism is socialism. Even if America embraces it.

Good on the RP finally. I wonder if they waited to take this stand until it was popular enough?

Jennifer Dunn said...

"the interesting part will be to see whether this really opens up the debate..."

I like the article, and am with you in hoping that we can educate ourselves now before it is even more too late. But I am concerned that I am not seeing the likes of this article among "major" headlines. If it is true that Americans are "too busy sipping their Starbucks" to notice how much misinformation they are being fed, I am skeptical that the RNC will accomplish much--unless they can practice what they preach.

You took away the "informative" box! I think some of my comments may come off as "whiny," but not so with your posts.

Chani said...

:( Where did you go?

kannie said...

LOL, Chani - just been busy, LOL! :-) And there's sooooooo much to say & do... I'll have to just pick something, huh? :-) Maybe a headline summary or something...