07 January 2009

How do you say, "déjà vu" in Russian?

(Honestly, it'd be cool to know how to say...)

Remember that invasion of Georgia by Russia a little while ago? And how it was - in large part - about Russia's control of gas to Europe? I mean, after nationalizing the gas industry, international competition was the next logical step, I suppose... especially added to other, more swagger-y, motivations.

At any rate, they've started to strong-arm Europe - again - by cutting off gas supplies. (h/t: Drudge, who's finally taken that indecent upside-down skier pic off his site, LOL... must've been a slow news day yesterday.)

It's not the first time they've done it.

And it's not a coincidence that this is happening while our oil & gas prices are low. Low oil prices (ha - and Marx thought *religion* was the opiate of the masses?) are good for us, since we use so much imported oil; but they're very, very bad for Russia, who exports it. Put that struggling, oil-dependent economy, (even worldwide economic dollar issues aside), together with a populace that largely worships a KGB dictator, and we're looking at a very desperate, cornered bear.

Gives a whole new meaning to the term, "Bear Market," doesn't it?


Amritas said...

уже виденное ("already seen") or even just дежа вю (the French words transcribed in Cyrillic).

Its just me said...

Hi there. I was about to put out an APB for you.

Russia is up to something. They are always up to something. We really need to keep a close eye on Russia. Russia wants to be a world super power again and they see us as being in the way.

I think they will continue to do anything they can indirectly that will affect us directly.

kannie said...

Amritas - Awesome! :-) Thanks! :-) I really would love to learn Russian - I bought all this stuff in college but gave it away when I moved because I'd never gotten around to starting it, LOL - so now I'm left with a whole lot of curiosity and no language-learning budget, LOL... *sigh*.

It's Just Me - Hi back! Glad to be posting again; things have just been busy, and - until the recent onslaught - the news seemed relatively quiet, or at least not needing my own little brand of spieling, LOL. But back to the blog-stone it is! ;-)

And yes, Russia is *definitely* ... "up to something." (I keep picturing Alan Rickman as Professor Snape when I hear that phrase, which, thankfully, keeps me from feeling overly burdened by its meaning. ;-)