23 January 2009

Now THAT's Gutsy

NY Governor Paterson has nominated a relatively conservative House Democrat, Kirsten Gillibrand, to fill Sec. Clinton's former Senate seat. (h/t: Drudge)

*low giggling...*


This woman sounds like someone you'd find in ... well, not NYC or LA. At least not easily. And she's got enough of a spine to have voted against the Bailout.

AGAINST the Bailout!!!

I'm not sure *why* she voted that way, but whatever her reasons, opposing that legislation in the face of panicked calls of, "CRISIS! DO SOMETHING!" shows a real spine supporting an independent mind. The NRA has also endorsed her, which backs up that assertion, because we know how popular gun rights are in those areas, even though upstate NY presents a very different ball game from NYC.

And my sympathies along with my thanks to Gov. Paterson, who's being attacked rather uncivilly ...

Also, it makes me wonder.

Deserved or not, the extreme anti-Bush sentiment (whereby he could have saved a puppy and been accused of irresponsibly increasing the stray pet population to ultimately spread bubonic plague) has been, I believe, a major obstacle. I think the party leadership's playing of that sentiment polarized people (and shut their ears) who might otherwise have listened to others' ideas to achieve a workable solution - or at least a group hug. So...

Perhaps Obama's presidency has alleviated that hear-/see-/speak-no-Bush-ism a bit already, to the extent that more representatives (and governors) feel inclined to agree or disagree respectfully with each other, instead of trying to toe some party line in order to avoid being seen as sympathetic to Bush.

If so, that's a silver lining in the gathered clouds that have been hovering over us for years, because as we are willing to be honest with each other, our Constitutional republic's chance of survival improves dramatically.

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Jennifer Dunn said...

Kirsten Gillibrand looks like a very good choice. I wish her well in her new assignment.