13 January 2009

Inaugural Facebook Dilemma

Not that there's nothing going on in the world, but my daily life deserves a say once in a while, too, I suppose.

In the last few days, several of my friends have RSVP'd via Facebook to watch the Presidential Inauguration via Facebook and CNN.

And I'm conflicted.

I have never watched a Presidential Inauguration. It's not some principled objection; it's just the way it's happened... life is busy, my watching doesn't change anything, I'm anticipating the coverage being similar to the election coverage, and seriously - 8 a.m.? *wince*


What will they think if I don't RSVP? Will I look like some sort of sore loser? Or worse?

I can't lie and commit to watching it; a "maybe" will look grudging; and a "no" will look ornery and bad. (And no, I don't want to "donate my status" to some five-hour stretch of pomp.)

Even ignoring the event looks bad - possibly all of the above, wrapped into one.


Or am I over-thinking it?

Well, at least I RSVP'd for the American Idol premiere tonight...


Jennifer Dunn said...

What a dilemma!

I don't really understand how events and invitations and such work on facebook. I ignore pretty much EVERY request that comes my way. I like facebook for catching up with friends, and not much else.

Would it help if I sent you an invitation to boycott the Inauguration, so you could ignore that as well, and make it look like the non-issue that it is?


kannie said...

LOL, Jennifer!!! Nah, I know I'm just over-thinking it, LOL... and I wouldn't want you to get virtually run out of town, LOL! ;-)

Ann said...

LOL! :) I just ignore the ones that I feel that way about...then I have to close my eyes and hope nobody else "overthought" it as much as I just did. :)

As far as overthinkers go...you're in great company! Love ya! :)

Chani said...

Welcome to Overthinkers Anon! I've made hats in preparation for your arrival! :)

Carissa said...

Well, seeing as how I just joined facebook this week (my friends were nagging me to finally do it) I'm not really sure what you mean ;) Then again I've already had poker invitations, pillow fight invitations, etc. I don't really know what to do about any of them (nor do I have the time for these weird things) so I'm ignoring them all.

(I'm going to go look for you there and send you a friend message thing now)

Carissa said...

Okay, I can't find you there. All the Kannie's are Asian brunettes from Hong Kong.

kannie said...

Thanks Chani! Let me know if I can contribute some virtual yarn... ;-)

Carissa - that's too funny! And actually, "kannie" is a pseudonym I use online... and I just discovered it's also quite a few people's actual *name*, LOL. I'll try to look you up and send you a friend request real quick instead so that I can stay nameless here & save you scrolling through over a hundred "not-me"s... :-)