20 January 2009

Welcome, President Obama

Quite an emotional inauguration! I caught the last half hour or so and saw the swearings-in.

(And might I add, heaven help us after the "digital transition" - the consistency of the signals we receive leaves quite a bit to be desired... analog gets fuzzy; digital gets full-out unwatchable.)

Truly a historic occasion. Our morning prayer was quite tender, and it was very moving to read people's faces on TV and see a little part of what this morning meant to them.

Perhaps I'll parse his speech later, but speeches are one thing, and speculating about what he means by which phrases won't mean nearly as much as watching what he does.

May God bless him with discernment, strength, and courage... and the rest of us likewise.


Jennifer Dunn said...

I agree...while my fears are not appeased after watching the ceremony, I couldn't help but be affected by the emotion of the crowd at the mall.

Carissa said...

This was my first time watching an inauguration. I loved the tradition and ceremony of it all. I kept trying to imagine what the first one must have been like. Did anyone else see how cute his two little girls looked? They were adorable. I wonder how much that event cost, it was quite a show!