29 January 2009

More Fun with Stem Cells!

They appear to be repairing some effects of Multiple Sclerosis. Sweet!

And don't let anyone trick you into killing embryos for this treatment, either:
The immune systems were then replenished with so-called haemopoeitic stem cells -- extracted from the patient's bone marrow -- capable of giving rise to any form of mature blood cell.
We have yet to see much of any sort of promise from the products of embryo destruction, on the other hand... which I think makes a lot of karmic sense.


Ann said...

I completely agree...there is no need to use the embryos, especially when there is so much other material out there.

Jennifer Dunn said...


Sadly, in spite of the great success of the non-embryonic stem cell research, the above link is a news report I watched only yesterday applauding and endorsing embryonic research.

kannie said...

YES!!! The level of general ignorance on this topic is simply ASTOUNDING!!! You know what they say about "a little knowledge" ... but in this case, it's even more dangerous.