14 January 2009

No More Goodwill?

Here's an interesting article over at Yahoo! - Obama souvenirs are selling pretty well.

Handmade souvenirs, no less!

Wonder if they've been individually tested and certified lead- and phthalate-free... since that's what I'd have to do after February 10th if I ever wanted to sell, say, the little beaded baby socks I sometimes make as gifts right now. (h/t: Sarah @ Trying to Grok)

Yep, Congress answered the, "somebody DO something!" cry after China sent the umpteenth batch of lead toys... and wouldn't you know it, while it's not stopping China, the Law of Unintended Consequences is still in effect! Especially for hare-brained, half-baked, rushed-through-to-SAAAAAAVE-THE-CHIIIIILDREN!!! legislation.

In a way, it's too bad that ignorance doesn't really solve problems... but since it doesn't, that article has a really good summary (although I'd apply the word, "disruptive" instead of "lethal" to phthalates).

In a nutshell, this law means that unless you can certify through testing that Product X has no lead and no phthalates, (and probably nothing else that could possibly ever be construed to be harmful, tasteless, or stinky when injected in high doses into lab rats), you can't sell it. Even if it's 100% organic cotton, like those Donna Karan Obama t-shirts mentioned in the Yahoo! article.

We still have a (teensy) chance to stop or change this law before it takes effect; please email the Consumer Product Safety Commission or see the article to to make your voice heard in rational defense of thrift stores, secondhand shops, home businesses, eBay, craigslist, and anywhere else everyday people can do business.

(BTW, this is something I've "donated my Facebook status" for ;-)


Jennifer Dunn said...

I wrote about the same thing today--at first it didn't seem like a big deal, but the more I read and think about it, this is really horrible news for everyone.

Carissa said...

I wrote my representatives about this a while ago. I can't believe only ONE person voted against it in the house (Ron Paul). I just sent an email to the CPSC- thanks for the link!

Chani said...

I've emailed about this, too, and so far have had one response back. This breaks my heart, because I buy everything on etsy.com and I'm worried about what will happen now!