28 January 2009

Class Warfare, Schmass Schmarfare

(Gee, I hope that's not a bad word...)

Looks like Pres. Obama's not above trying to get big businesses to sway their representatives.

He met with a bunch of CEOs today. Why?

Obama is trying to drum up support for the recovery package - which combines economic stimulus and tax cuts.

"I'm confident we're going to get this passed," (ed. note: they did) Obama said just before the meeting began. "These are people who make things, who hire people; they are on the front lines."

Way to get the money and lobbying out of politics, Prez... but I do appreciate the lip service to business's legitimate functions.

(I'm glad it didn't work for Idaho, at least... and wow - I mean, WOW. How embarrassing - complaining about Evil Corporations during your class warfare campaign and then begging them for help?)


Carissa said...

Ya, that was a bit ironic. I was surprised to see them all sitting together on the news today. Can you believe that every singe Republican voted against the stimulus?

kannie said...

I know! I was SOOOO surprised... it's probably too early to make any speculations about reawakening some dormant embers of, "what's that, you say? A con-sti-what-shun?", since they had their own "stimulus" plan going... but hey, if it works, I'll appreciate it right now, LOL! :-) And it's good practice in the spine-development department. ;-)

Carissa said...

It is my understanding that the house Republicans (as a whole) were only unsupportive of the bill because they want some of the provisions changed like more for housing, more tax cuts included, etc. They would have passed it if it were "their version" of what a stimulus should be.

I think there are quite a few Americans who wish the government would just stop interfering (and creating so much debt) regardless of HOW it's done.

kannie said...

Amen to that! The longer they keep trying to "fix it!!!", the worse the situation will get. Things really have to re-set right now; and I would rather it be sooner so we can actually get it over with, than later, after others have had a chance to desperately surrender ALL of my liberties for me.

That's one thing that's really bothering me right now: my family is being bound ever tighter by the decisions of the weak and the corrupt.