03 December 2008

This Is Probably Good

Saxby Chambliss, a conservative and a Republican, won re-election in Georgia's run-off on Tuesday.

I'm stopping short of expecting miracles, but I think it's great that a conservative won. If you still understand the principles that the country was founded on, count me a fan!

And I think it's wonderful that there is not a Democratic supermajority in the Senate; whatever your political views, having the two admittedly partisan branches of the government (along with a sometimes-partisan third) working at odds rather than in concert is better if you're a fan of any sort of balanced approach. I'm not sure whether I am or not, LOL, but "balance" sounds good, right?

Personally, I'd prefer that we resurrected our Founders, but I suppose that will have to wait...


its just me said...

I'm glad the Dems did not get the majority as well. I think balance is important.

I have to chuckle a bit about the founding principals of this country. I don't think that the Republicans are the only ones that believe in the founding principals in which this country was founded.

kannie said...

LOL - oh, I didn't say the Republicans understand 'em, either, LOL! (That's why I made a distinction between "conservative" and "Republican." :-)

Conservative, or "classical liberal," ideology comes closest (of the most numerous ideologies) to the Constitutional limitations we have, so that's why I feel that having another conservative voice is good.

I actually kind of hate that he's a Republican, because to me, that party's almost completely rotted, too. But for the purely political agenda-pushing that I'm anticipating will happen, preventing a supermajority is desirable. (I figure that gridlock is better than anything the government will call, "progress" ;-).

Regarding the founding principles in general, precious few people actually do understand them, (and I wouldn't claim to be the authority on all of them yet, either). IMHO, that's because people generally leave their kids' education, as well as their own, to institutions that deliberately warp, ignore, or contradict the founding principles, and then don't research or teach them at home anymore, either.

Anyway, I wanted to clarify that I'm *not* saying that the Republicans are conservative; only that, for different reasons, those are, individually, probably good things. :-)

its just me said...

Kannie please tell me what IMHO means. I've been trying to catch on to it but I just can't figure it out.

kannie said...

Oh, sorry! IMHO = "In My Humble Opinion," IMO = "In My Opinion," and IMNSHO = "In My Not-So-Humble Opinion" ... also, in case you run across it, "NSFW" means "Not Safe For Work" - I learned that one the unpleasant way, LOL! ;-)

its just me said...

Thanks Kannie,

Believe it or not, I just learned what LOL means about a year or so ago. Now I have a new one to use.

Chani said...

I think it'll be really great to have some conservatism in the Senate... I'm more liberal that conservative, but good grief could we use some now!!