16 December 2008

In the Midst of Our Transition to Fascism...

As our Fearless Leaders are doing their darnedest to nationalize things right and left by pretending to bail them out with increasingly worthless greenish-gray paper, Jeff at Mormanity found a way to be very, VERY funny.

Definitely worth a read.

Or three. *grin*


Carissa said...



Jennifer Dunn said...

hahahah, me too!

Chani said...

My favorite part is:

"When Henry Paulson can dip into his trillion dollar fund to help Congressmen see things his way, there’s no way our briefcases of beautifully crafted cash can compete."


Sarah said...

I went and read it, and then poked around Mormanity. I found the story of the orange car...whew. That got to me.