29 April 2008

Poor Miley!

I really do feel for the poor girl... when I first heard that there were "racy" photos of her (if tired, washed-out, and bloated-looking can be called "racy"), I was quick to blame her parents.

I mean, what parents would turn their daughter over to Annie Leibovitz?!?!

But according to this article, they were there for most of the shoot, which was NOT as "artistic," (*ahem*) but left the grandma and teacher in charge toward the end.

In whose grandma's (and what sick photographer's) mind is a bed-shoot okay for a 15-year-old? Gee, I wonder why Ms. Leibovitz waited until the parents were gone to suggest it...

Annie Leibovitz should be drop-kicked out the door and kept the heck away from minors.

And poor Miley - yes, she could've turned it down, but photographers (and grandmas, and teachers) are authority figures, and per the latest research, the logic center of the human brain isn't even finished developing until the early 20's! (Explains a lot, doesn't it?) And nothing scandalous is actually showing anyway - this poor girl... now she's just shaking her head and feeling stupid.

Some people are condemning her out-of-hand, and others (generally dippy, also non-fully-developed-logically 'tweens and teens) are cheering her on.

I just feel bad for her.

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