09 April 2008

Two Articles About Public School

  1. A student claims a textbook has a political agenda. When I first saw this story, I thought, "well, DUH..." I mean, I remember learning about how horrible McCarthy was, jailing innocent people just for having different political views; and how he launched the nation into this paranoia about Communists. [Turns out he was RIGHT, and they weren't innocent people, but hey... who cares about the facts? It's a public school text...]

    But he's not complaining about a liberal bias - he's claiming that saying science is uncertain about global warming (i.e., its severity and causes) is politically-biased and wrong.

    Umm...nope. Scientists are in conflict over the causes. For example, one even sued to have his name removed from the UN climate change report because the political story was already written, and not supported by the facts the scientists provided; his contribution was thrown out, as well. And even the ones who are advocating the extremist view that all negative effects of global warming are due to human activity (EEEEEEEvil evolved animals that we are...), can't really explain how that is.

    Anyone who does their research will eventually discover that the science shows that even if we took civilization back to the stone age, we'd only be able to cut what they're claiming the problem is by like, half- or two- or whatever-miniscule-percent. It's ridiculous. Yet we're being bullied by the fearmongers, (yes, I said fearmongers - you want to talk fearmongering? It's not about terrorism - it's about killing the planet), into crushing our liberty and our economy, while burgeoning billowers like China are let go, to pollute and destroy as they see fit.

    At any rate, I think we'd better take all textbooks out of public schools in favor of timelines, equations, and budget records, if we're really wanting the agenda out.

  2. And in other news, a public charter school in Minnesota is doubling as an Islamic school. This school had students participate in Islamic washings and prayers every day. Now imagine a "Christian" charter school that served Communion/the Sacrament every day. Wow. Can you imagine the outrage? Where's the ACLU on this one, hmm? *wink*

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