16 April 2008

Agreeing with Tim Robbins?

On this, possibly!

His keynote address at the National Association of Broadcasters talks about how much power broadcasters have (yep), and, (in my summary bullet points, not his), calls on the NAB to:
  • Ignore and/or lessen the focus on salacious celebrity stories and things that cater to prurient interests;
  • Stop broadcasting things that divide and dispirit;
  • Provide programming that uplifts, rather than divides
Now, I'm not entirely sure what that all means in context, since he really didn't get specific. Given his general political leanings, I'm sure we're not in agreement on what exactly constitutes something "divisive."

But the sentiment is right-on.

We need healthier entertainment and news. We don't need to hear who did or didn't wear undies to the latest Hollywood gathering.

It's kind of the "Spider-man lecture" of broadcasting - with great power, comes great responsibility.

And that, I agree with.

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