23 April 2008

"A Lack of Oversight and Regulation?"

The National Farmers Union is lobbying Congress to stop people from buying their products.

First, they're afraid people are "hoarding." Nope - they're preparing. In case you haven't noticed, everything is getting more expensive. And world events are unstable and getting more so. Heaven forbid people prepare for a day of less-than-readily-available resources!!! (And yes, I understand that increased demand drives prices up, but this preparing has been going on much longer than prices have been skyrocketing.)

Second, this ridiculous ethanol scam is literally burning food crops (for cattle and people - which is driving feed prices up to begin with) for fuel. That makes food scarcer. And ethanol is more expensive - both to buy, and to transport. So in the interest of profit, farmers are growing it more than wheat now, which makes wheat scarcer, as well.

Here are a couple more interesting points:
  • It takes more than a gallon of gas just to produce a gallon of ethanol
  • You could feed a man for a year on the grain we have to use to yield one full tank of ethanol. Not on steak and fresh veggies, mind you, but in the third world - where grain is their staple and it is becoming SO scarce.
Sounds efficient, right?

So what are they planning to do to make sure people don't buy too much grain?
It may warrant congressional intervention...[t]he public is all too aware of the recent credit crisis on Wall Street. We don't want a lack of oversight and regulation to lead to a similar crisis in rural America.

Oh yes! The biggest problem in the Depression was a lack of oversight and regulation, too...

Wake up, people!!! Regulation is what kept us in the Depression for so long! We were recovering a little, and the rest of the world was, as well, when FDR stepped in with his manipulation of the markets, crushing the independence and stealing the self-reliance of so many people.

[Think about it - how many depressions did we experience before FDR? And how many times have there been shortages and gas lines since the socialist? Hmm?]

We MUST NOT let that happen again.

But we need to be prepared (i.e. start "hoarding" *snort*) in case it does.

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