29 April 2008

What is it about the US that they hate?

Here's an interesting article on a book of actual research about how Muslims around the world feel.

Yes, according to people who actually asked.

The book's title is Who Speaks for Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think, and it sounds like something everyone should at least read, if not have in their own library.

Here's an excerpt from D'Souza's write-up of his hypothesis (which he is seeing whether the book bears out):
...by equating America with such things as blasphemy, pornography, prostitution and homosexuality, the radical Muslims appeal to ordinary Muslims to join their cause in a battle against the Great Satan.
This is something that should be abundantly obvious, but apparently it isn't.

Now, let me be clear about something D'Souza, in his eagerness to play the apologetic, doesn't make a point of saying: our corruption DOES NOT entitle people to bomb us or kill us. Offensive speech or cartoons are not punishable by death. Rather, they should be ignored.

For our part, though, if we were all living the best way we knew how - rendering service, living honestly, and self-regulating rather than self-indulging - I doubt that radicals would get much of a foothold, regardless of their interpretation of the Koran.

Unfortunately, our self-indulgence is weakening us - morally, economically, and politically; and with modern technology, they don't need much of a foothold.

So let's shape up (while we're fighting the bad guys, too), and then see what happens!

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