18 April 2008

Morons, not Mormons

[Updated 18 Apr 2008/19:17]

As a member of the LDS Church (aka: "a Mormon"), it's high time I buckled down and discussed this crazy "Fundamentalist Mormon" sect down in Texas.

#1 Thing To Understand:
These people ARE NOT, and almost certainly NEVER HAVE BEEN, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or LDS (Mormon) church. They are a splinter sect from the early days of the church's existence, who believe that plural marriage should never have ceased.

Members of the LDS church believe that the Lord revealed to the prophet that the practice should be discontinued back in 1890. To this day, the Lord has not made clear to us exactly why the practice was instituted as in biblical times, nor why it was discontinued. As with other controversial practices, we can speculate and put together some what we do know, but the biggest answer is simply, "we don't know."

#2 Thing To Understand:
These people do not understand nor practice plural marriage properly as it was, and do not utilize the temple appropriately. They forced underage girls into arranged marriages, which is both illegal and immoral. In addition, they forced the girls to consummate their marriage inside the "temple" they built. [UPDATE (18 Apr 2008/19:17): Apparently the bed found that investigators said was used for that purpose was simply for individuals needing rest, according to an expert who has studied their faith for years. I don't want to misrepresent or falsify in reporting their beliefs and practices, any more than I appreciate my beliefs and practices being misrepresented or falsified in reporting ...]

Nothing like that happens inside LDS temples. I know there is a great deal of speculation, but suffice it to say that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do not force anyone into marriage, least of all within the temple. Latter-day Saints believe that agency is one of our greatest gifts from Heavenly Father, and forcing anyone to any particular activity is contrary to the Plan of Heaven.

In addition, I can state emphatically that there is no sexual activity occurring within the temple walls. In fact, we are counseled by our leaders to keep such matters private -between husband and wife.

#3 Thing To Understand:
These people are criminals. They forced underage girls into inappropriate - and illegal - relationships. They abused their wife (wives) and children. They threatened those who considered leaving. These people are some of the worst sort. Almost every aspect of their "peculiarity" was not only inconsistent with real LDS teaching, but also contrary to both the laws of the land and of the Lord. Abuse of any kind is condemned in the strongest terms by both the Lord and our leaders. As I previously mentioned, we believe that denying someone their agency is contrary to our Heavenly Father's Plan.

In conclusion, although this apologia is far from complete, I want to help make it clear that these nutjobs in Texas who have been abusing spouse(s) and children are NOT Mormons.

They're a bunch of evil, misguided individuals who seek power through perverting the way of the Lord.


Ann said...

Way to go. This whole thing is so sad and ridiculous. I am glad there are people out there setting the story straight! :)

Lance & Caetie said...

I think we need to print off this little blog and circulate it around here. We get tons of questions and misconceptions about this--way to set it straight in such a precise way!

Jenn said...

Well said!!!

Laura & Jade said...

Good for you for blogging this. You never know who will come across your blog and read this. Very well said!