07 April 2008

Ooh! China in the news!

First, they're upset about the Olympics-related protests in London.

Hmm. Since China's government generally seems to be a great moral compass - turned 180 degrees - regarding human rights, I'd say their irritation bodes well for the protesters in civilized countries... and kudos to the protesters and their courage to stand up to political pressure from their own government. Protests these days aren't generally polite, but sometimes they're right anyway.

[Update: here's a great quote from "someone" that I just had to post:
"Today a tiny number of Tibet independence elements sought to disrupt the relay of the Olympic Games sacred flame through London," said an unnamed spokesperson of the Beijing Olympic Games torch relay office.

"We strongly condemn this vile behavior."
...Hey, China - you know what's even more sacred than the Olympic flame? PEOPLE! As in HUMAN RIGHTS!!! ]

Second, a Chinese national and an American citizen were caught trying to smuggle military-grade infrared technology out of the country.

Yep, move along, folks - there's nothing to see here...

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