14 April 2008

Israel - Doing What America Wants to Do, But Can't (Generally)

Former President Jimmy Carter isn't getting a warm welcome over in Israel.

And people are kind of surprised by it.

Maybe we just shouldn't let him out of the country anymore - I mean, there's only so long you should be able to say, "You're evil and the aggressor and you should work with these poor people!!!" and then expect them to protect you from those poor people's rockets...

Lessons in cause and effect, eh? That is one BIG reason I get a kick out of the Israeli government: they just play their cards face-up.

They don't like your constant, one-sided harping? They won't allocate additional security to you.

They get unjustly criticized (by the UN, for example)? They tell the UN to shut up and leave them alone.

And my deepest sympathies to his security detail - they'll be working overtime with what he's got planned...


Rich said...

Israel only exist because the US lets it and gives it money and support for ethnic cleansing and outright theft.

That's just not right.

It doesn't matter if you censor this because you know in your heart that you are part of the problem.

kannie said...

Rich, you're free to post as much opinion as you want, as long as it's not obscene or threatening. :-) I moderate comments to keep spam and those things out, not to hide or eliminate opposing views.

If we're going to get technical, Israel exists because of the UN, actually. It wasn't the US who granted them the charter way back when.

And to be honest, I don't see them "ethnic cleansing" all the Palestinians - there are so many living in Israel who are doing just fine, you see? It's the constant shelling from Palestinian territory that they object to. I can understand that...and once in a while, they get sick enough of it to put the smack down, despite the world telling them how horrible they are. It wouldn't be right for us not to expect a response if we were shelling, for example, Canada. They'd be perfectly within their rights to fire back eventually.

Everyone in the situation just needs to get over "revenge," but it's not exactly "fair" (or particularly sane) to keep firing missiles at people and expect them not to do something about it.