05 May 2008

Harry Reid - *barf*

Here's an article about Harry Reid, and how his faith - he's LDS - "is part of who [he is]."

Oh, really?

Which part? The slandering? Or the outright lying? Or the blatant, willful ignorance? Or the shady land deals? Or the power-motivated hackjobs? Or the whining? Or the Blame-America-First complex?

Whichever part it is, (and I suspect it's his pinky toenail), he may say it's there, but his conduct - especially in a leadership position - belies it.

Latter-day Saints can be liberal (or conservative) in good faith, but they can't lie and slander in good faith.

The article states, "While Americans may know Mitt Romney is a Mormon, few know that about Reid."

Umm, yeah. Couldn't possibly be the squeaky-clean Donny & Marie image of one, and the utter ignorance (or dishonesty) of the other, could it?

And it couldn't possibly be that the media has never harangued Reid about it (to my knowledge) - although they've grilled Romney about it, both in person and in absentia...

Nah, it's just because Reid "doesn't wear [his] religion on [his] sleeve..."

On the other hand, this article is from the Salt Lake Tribune, so there ya go - with roughly a golf-ball-sized grain of salt.

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Ann said...

woohoo! :) Well put :)