14 May 2008

...And I mean that in the best possible way!

I thought this article from MSNBC was pretty cute.

The author, Alfonso Durante - evidently fairly liberal - writes of his surprise at his genuine appreciation for Walden Media movies. To quote: "...how is it that I’ve become such a fan of Walden Media’s films?"

The reason I found it amusing was that he was so surprised that a conservative (who's supported causes that the author finds wrong at best) would make movies with strong female characters; with morals but not condemnations; and with heart and faith, but not prescriptive preaching.

I'd like to express my genuine appreciation for Mr. Durante's candid (and complimentary, the way I take them) observations! It's nice when people take an honest look at "the other side" - after all, we "normal people" are all (generally) trying to do the best we can.

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