15 May 2008

Mistress with a Conscience

This is one of those stories I'd expect to see on TV, but on like, Bones, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, CSI, or something else.

But this was on the TV NEWS. It happened in Boise.

This guy pushed his wife off a cliff to get rid of her. (Yeah, since divorces are just SO hard nowadays...) There'll never be a trial, since he killed himself when the police came to serve a warrant. (So technically, I'm making a well-founded accusation - our system hasn't convicted him.)

Not that this area doesn't have any other crimes, (even big ones), but the whole thing is just creepy.

The good news? His mistress (who says she didn't know he was married, and we'll give her the benefit of the doubt there, considering his character...) turned him in.

Kudos and thanks to her!!!

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