22 August 2008

We'll Pay a Price, Too

From some of the latest at Blackfive:
I fear that Georgia, Poland, the Ukraine ..., and the Baltic states may well pay a very real price for desiring autonomy and aligning with the West, and for standing up to Putin.
Evil dictators will always try to destroy free(-er) countries in order to maintain and expand their own power.

Putin is an evil* dictator** who most likely only handed over the "presidency" of Russia to avoid paperwork.

I know the situation is more complex when we look at every single possible consequence, but there is no doubt in my mind that standing up for free countries against evil dictators (or, for that matter, opposing evil dictators at every step of the way) is necessary and right.

So, while we know that Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, and pretty much anyone else over there who's got a spine will be feeling some serious Russian heat, I know we'll be paying a price, too, if we stick to our guns - and we should stick to them. I am in no way trivializing what our friends in Eastern Europe are going through. I'm just sure that the conflict is going to broaden. Greatly.

* Evil: "former" KGB; threatening, poisoning, and murdering "former" associates and political opponents; selling arms to rogue nations; and so much more...
** Dictator: quashing opposition (through legislation for businesses, and generally murder for individuals and journalists); cutting off oil supplies to the EU in winter to get his way; threatening other countries for making up their own minds; installing a puppet president; propping up other dictators' regimes; and so much more...

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