26 August 2008

Really? (Okay, I checked Us mag online...)

From an Us magazine online article titled, "He's Just Like Us!":

"Spending the holidays in Hawaii is a tradition," wife Michelle (with Barack, then 28, in 1989) says.


I don't know many people who have that tradition.

In fact, I'd bet that I don't know ANYONE who has that tradition. Most people I know have better ways to spend money than jetting to Hawaii annually during a peak travel season.

Good thing Obama knows how to relate to regular people, eh?

(In fairness, that article does have a cute little-kid pic of him riding a tricycle... and who didn't love tricycles when they were little?)

"Just like us," indeed.

1 comment:

swedemom said...

Well, I would love to have that tradition. . . if I had the extra cash lying around. Oh wait, that went to pay for the good Senator's salary. I stayed home and he went to Hawaii. I'm starting to feel concerned about my future earnings.