29 August 2008

The Barracuda?

Wow - McCain/ P A L I N ?!?!?!?!


I might not vote for him, but I would almost definitely vote for a good, conservative woman who can field dress a MOOSE.


Love this woman.


Stillman & Michelle said...

Interesting. I know really nothing about this woman except that she use to be a Vandall, McCain just might be smarter than I thought. Or maybe his advisors are smarter than I thought. If you can't be the first Woman president, pick a woman as your running mate. so I came to check what your opinion was.

Stillman & Michelle said...

If you don't mind me asking. who are you voting for? You don't have to answer here or anywhere for that matter. I am just curious and nosy.

kannie said...

Yeah, she is really stunning. Very pro-life; very pro-family; very fiscally disciplined and anti-corruption... Powerline has a decent rundown... even though they were pulling for Pawlenty. I had written off the entire party, so I was just all surprise and wonder this morning - man, it felt good to be excited about someone again!!!

kannie said...

I'll message ya :-)

Jessie Mae said...

Honestly, I was so not surprised to find out you like her! I am pretty excited as well, the more I find out about the more I like her. And she is BEAUTIFUL! So what's not to like? She is defiantly a go getter! From Hockey Mom to VP candidate in under a decade? Wow. I'm impressed.