06 August 2008

Check Another One Off

I just changed a light bulb in our hallway.

The flood of brilliant light was so refreshing - been waiting to change that for days while we've been stumbling and fumbling through the hall.

But it reminded me of how glad I am that we can still buy incandescent bulbs... and it reminded me to stock up.


I am SO fed up with the government mandating what we do in our homes. Shortly we will be forced to introduce POISON into every light fixture in every room in our homes, if we haven't already been badgered into it, and I'm not even being metaphorical. Yikes... and we worry about conserving water bottles and sorting the recycling? It just took an EPA team almost a week to clean up a mercury spill locally...

But let us be metaphorical for a moment: It's just one more straw.

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