02 August 2008

Could We Just Drop the Facade? Please???

Apparently the US 1600m relay team from 2000 has been stripped of their medals for a member's doping.

To quote one of my favorite villains, Syndrome from The Incredibles, "Lame, lame, lame, Lame, LAME!!!!"

Especially since it's been happening a lot lately.

Why do we even have the Olympics anymore? To foster international goodwill and cooperation?

It turns into an international grudge-fest that takes - apparently - almost a decade to review. And between doping and gender confusion, we don't even know who the legitimate champions are. (Again, mostly going back to international tensions and individuals and countries trying to get some sort of unsporting advantage over others...)

It's just ridiculous.

And now it's turned into, "look! We can play nice with Mao!" (Yes, I am aware that Mao is no longer the ruler of China... but his evil, murderous government still is.)

Just a suggestion here - let's drop this pretense to being apolitical, super-human, and ignorant of any agenda, and go back to mending our (unfortunate but functional and necessary) walls.

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