14 June 2008

What are they worried about?

Ireland has voted down a new treaty to "help" the EU. Says the news article:
For all its benefits, many people feel, the Union is remote, undemocratic and ever more inclined to strip its smaller members of the right to make their own laws and decide their own futures.
Hmm... why would they feel railroaded...? Here's a follow-up paragraph:
Reacting with frustration Friday, other European countries said they would try to press ahead for a plan to make the Lisbon Treaty work after all. (emphasis mine)
Wow. Sounds like everyone's interested in democracy to me... how about you?

And they're not the first - according to the article, France and the Netherlands have also voted down growing this "super-authority," when issues were actually taken to the voters... go figure!

And how's this for elitism: a proponent of the defeated measure claimed that Irish voters just "didn't understand the treaty."

Umm... creating a new collective "foreign policy officer" to control aid for all EU countries, "among other things?" I think they understood it just fine.

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