25 June 2008

Cruel and Unusual

Those are words I'd absolutely apply to child rape.

Unfortunately, those are words that the Supreme Court recently found applied to a quick Louisiana execution for child rapists, instead.

Wow. For all the liberal "for the children!" battle cries, I must point out that the conservative justices were the ones defending the children this time.

Congratulations, liberals, for deciding that torturing a child isn't really all that bad - at least compared to a quick death after being convicted, and that, likely after multiple appeals. (After all, isn't that why so many people claim the death penalty isn't economical, compared to life in prison?)

They claim that death is disproportionate to child rape... and I agree, but I'm pretty sure we disagree on which end is heavier.

They're heartless.

What a sad day for the country.


Ann said...

I absolutely agree. There are some things far worse than death...I am constantly astonished in this country that we will fight for the rights of rapists over children. I think that death is not enough for those people, but since we are not as cruel as they are, that is what we've got. I am so sad about this ruling, too.

alovera said...

it seriously burns me up because i see first hand what it does to children and families, and how wickedly it spreads. my blood gets so boiling!!

chantilita said...

I hate the death penalty, but it broke my heart to see that we are turning heartless, souless criminals into the "victims" here instead of children!