05 June 2008

Those Federal-friendly Light Bulbs

Not that it's the most pressing issue facing us, but in a nutshell, Congress and the President (long-ago) mandated that we all switch to "efficient" (mercury) lights by 2012.

There are several problems with this - and at several levels. But health and disposal hazards are the number one concern to most people.

Good thing government knows "what's best," eh?

And if that link I posted is the first you've heard of the dark side of CFLs, please turn off the evening news and hike over to Wikipedia or GE. Wikipedia actually has a teeny-tiny mention of hazards, after their unqualified claims of energy efficiency; and GE actually makes it slightly easier to find out how these CFLs may or may not help.

At any rate, this is yet another well-intentioned (?)-but-idiotic piece of busywork completed by our increasingly powerful government.

Let's think about (and act on) what we really want them to do, instead!

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