02 June 2008

Time to Start Paying Attention?

Here's the latest from Iran's nutjob president (and actually, he's been saying these same things for his entire presidency, but we haven't been hearing them on the 6 o'clock news):
I must announce that the Zionist regime, with a 60-year record of genocide, plunder, invasion and betrayal is about to die and will soon be erased from the geographical scene
and then - (I can't believe he's actually been quoted accurately about this in media, although it's definitely not in the headline):
Today, the time for the fall of the satanic power of the United States has come and the countdown to the annihilation of the emperor of power and wealth has started.
Emphasis OBVIOUSLY mine.

And yet we're being pressured both internationally and intra-nationally to give this guy the freedom to develop his nukes! (Oh - I forgot - we can strenuously object in the UN...) You know, I'm pretty sure he's been saying just what he'd do with them; I wonder how people might feel if they actually realized he's not just talking about Israel...

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