21 June 2008


Apparently people think that a Welsh police helicopter recently spotted a UFO.

Check out the picture. (I'd post it myself, but I'm a little concerned about copyrights...)

Granted, I'm not an expert, but that looks a heck of a lot like one of those paraglider things that you pedal... or at least something very similar to it.

Wonder what the chopper crew was thinking. Technically, since they didn't identify it, it's "unidentified," and it is a "flying object," but it's not exactly the image that "UFO" conjures.

That said, I do have to give them a little space, given the things people have done with flying craft in the world... I might've been a bit freaked-out as I flew along, too, if I thought I were being followed - even by something I recognized!

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chantilita said...

ROTFL that's awesome :)