17 August 2007

What a tangled web we weave...

[update 20Aug2007: no idea whose side to believe in this story, so I'm dropping it - received a well-worded but unsubtantiated criticism whose author has not responded to inquiries, so I'll just leave it as is and move on...]

Like a good chunk of the country - and probably like you, too - I heard about the High Point Church cancelling a Navy veteran's funeral because he was gay and had a great bellyful of righteous indignation.

If only that were the truth!

Here's the truth.

It wasn't a church saying "oh, he's gay - in that case, we don't love him anymore..." situation; it was a "guy's family refuses church's service and insists on turning his memorial service into a gay-rights rally" situation.

Good heavens, I'm glad someone is reporting honestly!!! (I feel like I did the first time I read the truth about McCarthy in Ann Coulter's Treason...) We have GOT to fix the "MS"M!!!


Andrew said...

I have been following this from the beginning and there are untruths in that Townhall piece you post, including whether the family asked for the church or the church offered on its own.

Also, what on earth does this mean:

Contrary to the mainstream media reports, High Point Church did not refuse to host the funeral of a gay man. The church refused on biblical principle to allow a celebration of the homosexual lifestyle in its sanctuary.

What does the phrase "a celebration of the homosexual lifestyle" mean? Please explain.

By all indications, for this church, any funeral of a gay person would meet the definition of "a celebration of the homosexual" lifestyle. A description of the memorial service is available online. The dead man's family spoke about him, and a choir sang "Amazing Grace."

Wow, really offensive. Especially when compared to High Point's minister saying in print that to host Cecil's funeral would have been like glorifying murder.


kannie said...

Andrew -

Thanks for commenting - I'm interested to find out the actual real story, since I guess nothing I've seen is it so far. Could you please help me out and point me in the direction of some more reliable sources?