16 August 2007

Does it take a whole strike???

So Mitt Romney has become my #1 Candidate by advocating more local security - one-strike laws.

Some "mistakes" don't bear repeating, and violating a child's innocence and tarnishing an otherwise beautiful future in such a horrid manner is NUMBER ONE in my book.

Jake Goldenflame, a guy who's reformed his behavior - too late to spare his three-year-old daughter - says that current child molesters (who haven't killed their victims so far...), in considering the one-strike or auto-execution laws, say that they'd be so afraid of getting caught, they'd just kill the victim instead. Don't a good portion of them do that already? And doesn't that make it MORE critical to KEEP THEM AWAY FOREVER?!?!?!

Sheesh - what the %#$ is WRONG with us, that we have to debate this?!?!

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