14 August 2007

It IS Religious Bigotry - by AFA!!!

...to say that having Hindu and Muslim contributors in Congress is un-American.

I'd be interested to know what Rep. Sali's original remarks were...this issue, incidentally, was the topic of a spirited email discussion between the American Family Association and myself lately - texts are too lengthy to be posted below - and they're a bunch of paranoid Bible-thumpers.

Now, I voted for this guy as a real conservative, (not to mention his opponent's ads were immature and completely vicious), but if what's being reported is actually the substance of what he said, Rep. Sali will be the next recipient of a reasoned rebuttal to his myopic paranoia.

Updates coming...

OK - just talked to Rep. Sali's office. They had not heard of AFA, OneNewsNow, or AFNN prior to the interview resulting in the article now posted on their paranoid site, and they have not provided a complete transcript of the interview, even when his office requested it. This leaves me to conclude that the spin on his comments was largely AFA's doing. Also, his concluding remark that, "You know, the Lord can cause the rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike," indicates a more fair-minded approach: something like, 'we think they're rather incorrect, but they're free to worship.' That's the attitude I hold, and from speaking with his office, that's the attitude Rep. Sali holds, as well. Acknowledging that the country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles - and that its prosperity has sprung partly from that - does not mean that no one else is welcome to worship as they see fit. (And yes, I know that many of the founding fathers did not subscribe to a particular "Christian" denomination - nevertheless, they acknowledged the Creator and felt to worship Him instead of man's practices...)

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