14 August 2007

Catching up again...

OK - so now that I've been inspired to start keeping this up again... what all's been going on?

  1. Hope for the world - France has elected a leader who has an actual clue about the risk of global and local terrorism! And the troop surge in Iraq is doing great things - just wait for Gen. Petraeus's upcoming report.
  2. Hope for the country - The Immigration Bill died in the Senate, due to citizen revolt, of which many acquaintances and I were a part - looks like the government isn't getting too far in running away from the citizens of the US! Citizens have - somewhat - been reawakened to their duty, as well as their proper role in the governing process. I sure hope it lasts! Not every attempt to destroy accountability and the rule of law in the country is so blatant...
  3. Hope for the community - a move-in louse trying to prey on women in a local neighborhood has been apprehended and jailed!
  4. Hope for the family - more people are starting to homeschool or make use of alternative public school systems, making a real statement about the (lack of) desirable environments in the public education system.

So... things are good! And GO MITT!!!

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